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What troubled teen doesn’t go through life without being rebellious or at least being hard-headed, right? Ask Raittia Rogers who was a hard core teen that went from gang-banging, drug-dealing, fighting, being promiscuous, having a teen pregnancy, being raped, and cussing people out. Raittia was definitely an all around bad, mean, crazy tempered teenager, staying in several juvenile group homes shelters, stubborn, and mad at the world. Get ready for this long bumpy ride that is twisted, but a beautiful disaster. She keeps it raw & straight forward in “I Broke Out of Prison” so put your seat belts on, pull your hair back as you hear about an inmate that has no other choice but to run- based on a true story. Purchase your copy Now!!!


CBN Interview

2 News Oklahoma Report

News On 6

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News On 8


Hundreds of Entrants take part in annual Dr. MLK jr. parade in Tulsa

Screening held for documentary showcasing life of formerly incarcerated minister


Raittia helped me see a world I’ve never known and tells her story in such a way that you feel you are walking with her through her journey. What a privilege to be able to see through her experiences how God never let go of her. And now she is walking in glorious light every day! Very inspiring!

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